It all started when we were travelling different places, exploring different business ideas. The only thing this research resulted in was lack of sleep due to stress and jet-lag. While exploring the market to find the right product that not only helped us with getting a proper sleep without getting addicted to it.
All we could find were sleeping pills with hundreds of side effects. And that’s when the inception of Napsomnia happened. The whole idea was to offer a safe ‘Nap’.
A good night’s sleep is the most critical aspect for your body to be able to function the next day.
An order from Napsomnia comes with safety and happiness in the box!


Our Belief

With an excellent stronghold in sleep nutraceuticals, we believe in delivering solutions that are not only effective but also harmless. We standby the notion of manufacturing goodness.

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Why Choose Napsomnia?

We at Napsomnia, took it upon ourselves to provide people with a NATURAL, ORGANIC and an FSSAI Approvedoption to get a safe, good night’s sleep!

  • Vegan

  • Non-GMO

  • Tested Formula

  • No Added Sugar

  • Easy To Use

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If you're not satisfied with our product, simply contact us and we'll give you a full, 100% hassle-free refund.

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