We are Napsomnia, born of a passion to provide better sleep solutions for a better life. We create safe, quality, and innovative products that improve human wellness and enhance an individual’s quality of life. With unwavering focus, our range of health supplements is designed to bridge the gap between wakefulness and sleep to ensure refresh, energised mornings!

  • Stress

    A silent killer that effects the sleeping pattern by constantly letting the brain function.

  • Anxiety

    An anxious brain makes it difficult to fall asleep due to longer over-thinking sessions.

  • Insomnia

    A sleep disorder that can make it hard to fall or stay asleep or cause you to wake up too early.

  • Jet Lag

    Sleeplessness due to body's internal clock being out of sync with cues from a new time zone.

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A Perfect Solution For A Healthier Sleep Pattern! 🤍

Why Choose Napsomnia?

We at Napsomnia, took it upon ourselves to provide people with a NATURAL, ORGANIC and an FSSAI Approvedoption to get a safe, good night’s sleep!

  • Vegan

  • Non-GMO

  • Tested Formula

  • No Added Sugar

  • Easy To Use

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Are you wondering how this works? Let us tell you!

Napsomnia offers a wide range of products that aid a better sleep cycle. With advanced research in sleep tech, we take pride in being the first company to introduce non-addictive sleep supplements.

Our Health Supplements consists of a wide range of Oral Sprays, Delayed Release Capsules, Gummies and Chewable Tablets. They contain the hero ingredient, Melatonin, which is a hormone released by our brain that induces sleep.

Having a proper sleep leads to a better and more efficient day and helps the body to stabilize the sleep cycle and maintain a schedule. At Napsomnia, we do just this. Our products make sure that you are getting a naturally induced sleep all night long!

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